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Internet of Things (IoT)

A lot is being said about IoT.  There are a great many resources out there talking about it, and far more vendors selling pieces of it.  That’s the issue – pieces and confusion.

What a challenge it can be to find an optimized solution that meets your specific needs.

Sure, there are big names out there that are “in” IoT, many fortune 500 Companies are there.  You may be tempted to contact one of them.  Guess what?  They will put you in touch with a software developer, who may put you in touch with a hardware guy, who may put you in touch with a Gateway supplier, who will put you in touch with a carrier... next thing you know you are overwhelmed with the technical lingo and are feeling  “like an IdioT of IoT”.

Worse yet, the solution you may end up with will take months to implement, is a hodgepodge of expensive hardware, onerous software and monthly fees that will eat you alive. Worse yet, it ‘almost’ does what you really want.

Next thing you know you are adding staff to manage it all, paying not only for development but monthly fees to the cloud provider, the cellular carrier, an ISP and managing multiple suppliers. Wait until one of them has a ‘required firmware update’ – now you are in for some stress…

You need a ‘hands off’ managed solution, you need it fast, you need it cheap – but most importantly, you need IoT Done Right™.

Contact Unimar, we provide IoT done Right™, and take the IdioT out of IoT.

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