Obstruction Light Monitoring Solutions

Obstruction Light Monitoring from Unimar

Unimar’s UNIMON™ obstruction light Monitoring solution is available as a standalone add-on to existing Unimar or competitor obstruction lights or is integrated directly with our lighting controls as part of a new lighting controller. Options for obstruction light monitoring include customer self-monitoring using the built in SNMPs or Unimar can provide 24/7/365 monitoring including full NOTAM management.

Unimar Offers Two Obstruction Light Monitoring Solutions

Obstruction Light Monitoring Solution 1:

Comes standard at no additional charge with every Unimar Lighting System that is Revision B or higher and includes FAA types A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, E1, D1, E2, D2, E1+1, E2 + 1, D1 +1, D2 + 1 systems, as well as custom configurations (Check with Unimar before ordering to verify).

This obstruction light monitoring solution will output SNMP alert messages to up to two customer specified IP addresses over the lighting systems Ethernet port. It is up to the customer to connect to their own network to receive those messages and to manage their own NOTAMs. A built in HTP web interface, accessible via most web browsers running on any device, provides system status, event history, detailed diagnostics indicating which main components are bad or suspect and remote control. The Customer is responsible to provide a secure Network connection to the Ethernet port, receive the SNMP alerts and act upon them, and responsible to file Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) per FAA guidelines.

Obstruction Light Monitoring Solution 2:

  • Alert Messaging with integrated Diagnostics– Sent to list of customer contacts. Contains diagnostic information and repair parts needed (Unimar based systems).
  • NOTAMs – automatically filed and then canceled when site passes all checks. Part of our enhanced service.
  • Integrated QLI (Quarterly Lighting Inspection ).
  • Manual Overrides – easily override operating modes (testing purposes).
  • Integrated Ticket generation – basic ticketing compatible with most ticketing and support systems.
  • System access via most web browsers on any device and is mobile friendly for access while in the field.
  • At-a-glance portfolio status and individual site dashboards which the user can configure to their needs.
  • Site Dashboards provide quick overview of current operating condition and alarms.
  • Diagnostic view provides health status of individual major system components, displaying measured values and indication if a component such as a LED driver, cable assembly, LED string, etc. is bad, suspect or in good condition.
  • User generated on the fly ‘Manual’ NOTAMs can be created on the fly and canceled with a button click (if site is clear of all alarms).
  • Hot links to site specific manuals, trouble shooting guides and drawings. User accessible data logs viewed online and can be downloaded to customer’s system.

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