IoT Monitoring Solutions

IoT Monitoring Solutions from Unimar Inc

The UNIMON-1000 IoT Monitoring Solution is designed to provide alarm and status indication of Industrial systems. System status and error indication along with industry best in class troubleshooting, diagnostics and remote control are easily accessible through virtually any web browser anywhere in the world. A field technician or engineer can access your system on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to display system status, view data logs, perform remote test and diagnostics, and control the system. The user can also remotely override the system and perform advanced test and diagnostics.

In the event of a status change or alarm condition, alerts can be sent immediately through a variety of user configurable methods – SNMP, SMS* or email*. System expansion allows monitoring of other data, such as generator status, door access, fuel level, temperature – whatever you want to monitor or control.

The system comes standard with an Ethernet port supporting TCP/IP and SNMP data transfer. An available cellular modem option can move the data ‘over the air’ to your Network Center.

Other options include: battery backup, high gain antennae and wall mount NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure.

Features Include:

  • Built in Web Server, accessible using most any web browser
  • Indicate status and alarms
  • Integrated diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • Manual Override Interface
  • Quarterly Lighting Inspection (May require FAA Certification)
  • Optional SMS and email
  • Simple to setup and configure
  • SNMP, TCP/IP standard
  • Integrated backup battery charger
  • Available Slave systems to monitor multiple lighting controllers
  • Monitors digital and analog I/O
  • IoT Monitoring


IoTRight is an affiliate company of Unimar. IoTRight provides customizable solutions for digital integrations, including custom KPI integration, integrated security and more.

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