Hazardous Location Obstruction Lighting

Unimar’s hazardous location systems are suited for Class 1 Division 2 Groups B, C and D areas. Unimar offers two solutions for hazardous locations, each of which are suited for lighting all structure types: Refineries, Flare stacks, Chimney’s, Grain Silos, Oil Rigs, Gas Rigs, Fuel Depots, or other hazardous location, we got you covered. Our pre-engineered modular UNIHAZ™ solution is well suited for most applications. For other applications, we offer our Custom hazardous location solutions. Both solutions are available with dry contact monitoring and can be equipped with our UNIMON IoT Monitoring service.

UNIHAZ Modular System:

The UNIHAZ modular system is designed to be low cost and easy to install compared to other solutions on the market. Unlike other systems, Our UNIHAZ modular system does not have a separate enclosure just for the main controller reducing the overall cost for both the system and installation.

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