Custom FAA Obstruction Lighting Design

Custom FAA Obstruction Lighting Design from Unimar

Properly lighting a structure is more than obtaining a structure height, looking at a chart and quoting a system. An integrated solution begins with true expertise and good, clear communication based on a sincere desire to develop the very best solution to your light and controls needed. The Unimar team has well over 90 years of combined FAA lighting and design experience to help solve your lighting challenges.

Unimar treats every application as a unique situation. In many cases, we are able to offer several options, based on such factors as FAA/FCC requirements, special environmental or zoning issues and characteristics of the structure to be lighted. Unimar will also help evaluate the initial costs of long life lighting systems and long term cost benefits.

We excel in custom design, determining the “best fit” approach to each unique lighting application. All of our systems include detailed install manuals, a troubleshooting guide and “D” size prints for maximum comprehension of the system and install.

You can trust Unimar to deliver the best lighting solution tailored to your specific lighting needs.

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