Tower Lighting Systems

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When you need tower lighting systems that fulfill your specifications and FAA obstruction lighting regulations, get brighter lighting solutions from Unimar. Unimar is the trusted supplier for tower lighting systems for a wide variety of structures. 

When you partner with Unimar, you're sure to find cost effective, energy efficient tower lighting systems that are the best fit for your specific needs. 

Whether you need custom tower lighting system design or specific tower lighting systems, the engineers at Unimar can discuss your project with you and provide exactly what you need. 

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Tower Lighting Systems per Federal Lighting Regulations

Any structure that is 200 feet above ground level generally requires tower lighting, per FAA, ICAO or FCC regulations.

Whether you need red light tower lighting systems, white light tower lighting systems or dual light tower lighting systems, the experts and engineers at Unimar have the tower lighting systems that are best suited for your applications.

Not sure which tower lighting system is right for the regulations that you need to comply with? Unimar is your guide to buy a tower lighting system that you can be confident in. 

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Tower Lighting Systems for Your Applications

Unimar has tower lighting systems for any type of industry that requires obstruction lights. This includes, but is not limited to:

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Unimar offers a diverse range of obstruction light products. Unimar is the trusted provider for high intensity, medium intensity, low intensity, steady or flashing tower lighting systems. 

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