LED Obstruction Lighting

led obstruction lighting for hazardous locations from unimar

When you need LED obstruction lighting that fulfills your industry needs and specifications, Unimar is your one-stop-shop. 

Unimar is the leading supplier for LED obstruction lighting that meets FAA lighting requirements. 

You can browse our entire collection of LED obstruction lighting products and find exactly what you need below.

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Whether You Need Replacement LED Obstruction Lighting, LED Obstruction Lighting for a New Structure or an Entire Obstruction Light System, Get It from Unimar

Unimar's extensive LED obstruction lighting inventory includes replacements in the event of an outage or if your obstruction light certification has expired. 

If you need LED obstruction lighting for a new project, Unimar has what you need.

Depending on the type of structure and your existing lighting, you may need an entire LED obstruction lighting system. 

Whatever you need, Unimar has the right products. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers can help you determine the right LED obstruction lighting for your applications.

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Unimar Offers the LED Obstruction Lighting You're Looking For

Our inventory of LED obstruction lighting products includes common LED obstruction lights. This includes, but is not limited to:

L-810 LED Obstruction Lighting

led obstruction lighting l-810 light from unimar

L-864/L-865 Replacement Flash Head

led obstruction lighting l-864 l-865 dual flash head from unimar

L-864 Red LED 120/240vac Class 1 Div. 2 Groups b,c,d Beacon

led obstruction lighting l-864 red beacon hazardous location from unimar

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Our Experts Also Provide Custom FAA Obstruction Lighting Design

led obstruction lighting design from unimar

Our team has over 90 years of combined experience with custom LED obstruction lighting design. Depending on your certification requirements, relevant regulations, zoning concerns and your structure, Unimar can design LED obstruction lighting that satisfies your specific project criteria. 

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Is Your LED Obstruction Lighting Ready for FAA Requirements for IR?

The FAA is requiring all structures with obstruction lighting to have upgraded infrared (IR) lighting. When LED obstruction lighting experiences failures or as certifications expire, these lights will need to be replaced with upgraded IR lighting.

Unimar has the LED obstruction lighting that fulfills FAA requirements for IR.

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The Trusted Experts for LED Obstruction Lighting Installation

led obstruction lighting installation image of installation professional connecting wires

Unimar offers an after-hours tech support phone number. We also partner with approved certified contractors across the country to get the job done for obstruction light installation. 

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With Our Selection of LED Obstruction Lighting Products, Unimar Offers Brighter Lighting Solutions

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