Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

class 1 division 2 lighting image of hazardous location lighting on production plant

Since 1989, Unimar has been providing Obstruction Lighting Solutions for hazardous explosive environments. These areas where flammable liquid, vapors or gases exist have special requirements to prevent explosions which would cause damage to properties or injury to personnel. Some examples of explosive areas that may require our expertise are:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Gas Refineries
  • Petro-chemical & chemical plants
  • Off shore oil platforms

The structures that you will find our lights and controls on:

  • Stacks
  • Flare Stacks
  • Heaters
  • Vessels
  • Tanks
  • Cokers
  • Derricks
  • Cracking Units

Most environments where aircraft warning lights are located are in areas classified as Class 1 div. 2 environments.

What is a Class 1 Division 2 Area?

A Class 1 Division 2 environment is an area where concentrations of vapors, liquids or gases may be present in abnormal conditions or short time durations. Our equipment and Class 1 Division 2 Lighting is designed to be used and operate safely in these areas.

Unimar Has Your Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

Our expertise in providing various protection techniques include encapsulation, purging, and intrinsic safety devices to provide controls and lights to be used in an explosive area.

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Unimar Can Get You Regulation Compliant with Class 1 Division 2 Lighting

Our knowledge of FAA, ICAO and CAR regulations will provide you with a one stop solution in designing aircraft warning lighting systems in hazardous explosive locations.

Custom Class 1 Division 2 Lighting & More

Let our engineering team help you navigate lighting solutions that are compliant on the ground and in the air. Take a moment to view our Hazardous Products pages. We have a standard product line but we can also provide custom solutions. Compliance and safety -- that’s what it’s all about! That’s Unimar!

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