RTO-CR27-002 LED L-810 120-240vac double obstruction light; W/ Infrared


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L-810 Double Obstruction Light Product Description

The L-810 double obstruction light should be used as a top level light on structures 150' in height or less and both light engines should operate simultaneously. 

It is typically installed in locations where the failure of a single unit could cause an obstruction to be totally unlighted or at each end of a row of single obstruction lights. 

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L-810 120-240vac 43J IR double obstruction light

L-810 Obstruction Light for Replacement Lighting or New Structures

This L-810 double obstruction light is suitable as a replacement or for necessary obstruction lighting for new structures. 

Unimar offers the L-810 double obstruction light that's right for your applications and specifications. Unimar can also connect you with a certified installation contractor. 

Regulation Compliant L-810 Double Obstruction Light 

This L-810 double obstruction light complies with FAA requirements for infrared (IR) obstruction lighting. 

If you need an FAA obstruction light, look no further. 

L-810 Double Obstruction Light for Your Industry

Any structure that is under 150' in height due to proximity to airports or heliports is subject to proper aeronautical marking and lighting.

Unimar has the L-810 double obstruction light and knowledge to ensure your structure is properly lit. These obstruction lighting applications include, but are not limited to:

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