LED Lighting For Hazardous Locations

LED Lighting For Hazardous Locations Header Image from Unimar

Potentially explosive atmospheres exist where there is a risk of explosion due to mixtures of gas/air, vapor/air, dust/air or other flammable combinations. In such areas there is a necessity to eliminate sources of ignition such as sparks, hot surfaces or static electricity which may ignite these mixtures. Where electrical equipment has to be used in these areas it must be so designed and constructed as not to create sources of ignition capable of igniting these mixtures. Unimar offers standard and custom products suitable for these potentially explosive atmospheres. Here you will find obstruction lighting fixtures as well as whiter, more efficient interior illumination. All products in this section are certified for Class 1, Divisions 1 and 2 and/or ATEX applications.

Lighting Products For Hazardous Locations: