FCC Frowns on Tower Lights Being Out 7-plus Months

Tower lights not working at a broadcast station in Arkansas got the FCC’s attention. The Enforcement Bureau sent a Notice of Violation to Bobby Caldwell owner of East Arkansas Broadcasters, Inc.

Checking its Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) database, officials find the broadcaster has received four NOTAMs since February. The latest will expire at the end of December and the agency says it has not received any indication saying the lights have been repaired. The tower is (Registration 1038728) in Jonesboro, AR, according to the FCC’s ASR database.

“Replacing or repairing of lights, automatic indicators or automatic control or alarm systems shall be accomplished as soon as practicable,” writes Ronald Ramage, regional director of the bureau in the notice. Unless reasons provided by East Arkansas Broadcasters, Inc., prove otherwise, a duration greater than seven months is beyond the bounds of “as soon as practicable.”

The broadcaster must respond within 20 days, explaining how the violations occurred, actions taken to correct them and prevent the tower lights from going out again. The response will help the agency determine what, if any, enforcement action is required to ensure compliance.
Story From: InsideTowers.com

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