Unimar FAA Lighting System Passes Customer Lightning Tests

Due to a sophisticated communication system on their towers, a top U.S. electric company needed two FAA lighting system beacons on each of their towers where generally there is only one. As this set up doubles aviation safety, it also doubles maintenance and operation costs. Expensive lightning strikes with electro magnetic interference (EMI) and severe damage to both the flash heads and controls were simply a part of life.

Unimar built an extraordinary customized controller using a special enclosure and a number of patented products to shield the system from lightning and EMI. The customer then tested the product in their lightning lab,\ where the system was subject to numerous indirect and direct strikes, with the highest strike registering 1.9 million volts. Performing and passing this test with 100% functionality proved how robust the system was against lightning, reducing frequent site visits and high maintenance costs.

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