Proper Tower Lighting Installation Helps Reduce Lightning Damage

Unimar can reduce lightning damage with proper installation of tower lighting. A major utility company had one specific tower that was extremely prone to lightning strikes. This lead to high repair costs which was causing a nuisance to the company. Fed up; the company turned to Unimar for the perfect solution customized just for them. The company decided to apply sound grounding, which is a technique, if done properly significantly reduced the amount of lightning stroke per year.

They also made the switch to a Unimar Medium Intensity Dual LED Obstruction lighting system, with custom designed controllers for their specific needs. The pleased customer is now saving thousands a year, due to lack of lightning strikes because of the proper installation of both LED Obstruction lighting and Grounding techniques. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that their obstruction lighting solution was also saving them money on power costs due to lower power consumption than that of Incandescent.

The customer not only saved time and money with costly tower climbs and decreased power consumption, but they also had the peace of mind of knowing their Unimar tower lighting was FAA certified.

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